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Home Blog Net Curtain Alternatives: Options for Replacing Old-Fashioned Net Curtains

Net Curtain Alternatives: Options for Replacing Old-Fashioned Net Curtains

Since we’ve been in the business of selling curtains for many decades now, we know that some styles never really go out of fashion. There’s still a large demand for traditional net curtains, which tend to be white in colour and feature all-over patterns.

However, these are only a great choice if they match the style of your room. In some cases, they simply won’t look right and you’ll be looking for an alternative. Fortunately, we have some ideas and inspiration for you…


These highly popular alternatives to classic net curtains are actually made from sheer fabric as opposed to a lace design. The material is thin enough to let in natural light, however, so you can enjoy a sleek and contemporary look without sacrificing the sunlight. At, we have voile curtains available in many different colours and patterns to suit your style.


If you really love the traditional style but you don’t want your entire window to be covered up, you could opt for cafe net curtains. These usually cover only the lower half of your window, which is ideal for maintaining some privacy while letting in plenty of daylight.


We have a huge range of Venetian blinds available which offer a completely different solution for your windows. These allow you to control the level of light and privacy with ease, and they blend in subtly with most contemporary home design schemes. Wooden blinds are the longest-lasting, while PVC venetian blinds are a great option for keeping costs down.


To create the effect of frosted glass, you can buy special window film and cut it to the exact size you require. This prevents people from seeing inside while dispersing sunlight naturally. If you choose a high quality film, this is sometimes the best solution for a very minimalist theme.


This natural and creative solution can be extremely effective, and it’s one that not many people think of. Depending on the shape and size of your window, you could line up a range of small potted plants on the window sill, have one large plant with multiple branches to obscure the window, or even experiment with hanging plants suspended from the top of the window.


Of course, you can always embrace classic nets but implement them slightly differently to add contemporary edge. For example, having custom made net curtains that are much longer than your window, so they drape down to floor level, can be ideal for a sophisticated, luxury bedroom. You could also consider hanging your nets from an attractive rail or pole, which makes much more of a statement than a simple wire.