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Design Ideas for Net Curtains & Voile Panels

Net curtains are an underrated element of interior design. Perhaps they were once overused in the wrong way, and too many people associate them with old fashioned fussiness. If that’s the case, then the opposite is true now, and they’re often forgotten in modern room designs. We think this needs to change, since net curtains can add a whole new feel to a room, controlling natural light to create an atmosphere of your choice, and complementing almost any style!
If it’s a case of many property owners simply not knowing how best to use net curtains, we have a few ideas to share. Some of these might work perfectly in your home, allowing you to easily but effectively transform your room with very little time and a low budget. Whether you want a minimalist, less-is-more approach, or you want to add some luxurious detail and depth, one particularly great idea is to use voile panels.
One of our favourite variations on classic nets, voile curtains are made using lengths of sheer fabric in the form of a thin veil, as opposed to the mesh design of traditional net curtains. You can get voile panels in a huge variety of different colours and styles, and they generally have more flexible and varied designs than standard nets, so if they suit the look you’re going for they are often a more popular choice. 
Voile curtains are ideal if you want to block people from seeing in through your windows without blocking most of the natural light at the same time. They will come in different thicknesses, but even light voile panels will usually completely obscure the view into your home, making it more private. This makes them ideal for living rooms and bedrooms that face out onto the street.
They’re also ideal for adding splashes of colour to a room that’s looking a little plain. Since the light shines in through the veil material, your accent colour will also illuminate the whole room, so if you choose carefully this can create a great effect. If you’re not sure exactly what style to go for, voile curtains also have the advantage of being inexpensive, so it’s not much of a commitment if you want to use them to liven up your room with a fresh look. To get some more inspiration, take a look at the range we have available online right now.