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How To Choose Your Curtain Style

Choosing your style of curtain can have a great impact on the rest of your room. If you think about it, curtains are usually a prominent feature in any room, especially when they’re closed. They can completely change the style and the lighting of your space, so it’s worth considering carefully before you commit to one particular style. has been supplying custom, made-to-measure curtains for decades, as well as ready-made curtains, nets, blinds, cushions and more. Over this long period, we’ve seen many fashion trends come and go, but when it comes to curtains there are a few basic factors you can consider to help narrow down your choice. Here are a few of our most popular categories to give you some inspiration.


Many different curtain designs come under this category, using a wide variety of different patterns, finishes and materials. You might want to choose curtains that match the fabric of a particular piece of furniture in your room, or you may want to create a distinctive look that veers away from the more traditional. If so, browse our contemporary curtains section to find a huge range of colours and patterns, made using polyester, silk and even luxurious crushed velvet.


Jacquard is a term used to refer to a particular style of weaving fabric (or more accurately, the loom used to create the effect). Jacquard curtains can vary greatly in style, so many of our products fall into this category. Originally these curtains would have featured an intricate pattern woven into the fabric, but modern Jacquard curtains don’t necessarily include prominent patterns because simply coloured curtains are also very popular.


In the plain & semi-plain section you will be able to filter out all the curtains featuring only one or two prominent colours. This method is perfect if you have a defined colour scheme that you want to keep consistent. Choose a block colour to bring all the elements of your interior design together in a bold way, or alternatively opt for a subtle pattern or splash of colour on a more plain background.


At one time, patterned curtains were much more popular than they are today. Modern interior design often calls for a less busy look, mostly because this can create the illusion of more space. However, for creating certain styles, printed fabrics are a fantastic option when you’re choosing curtains. Checked fabrics can be ideal for creating a homely cottage feel, while floral prints can work well when they match other elements in your room. Other novelty prints can also be great for brightening up children’s bedrooms.