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How to Dress a Bay Window

Whether you are looking to redecorate your living space or moving into a new home, you will find that an important aspect is how to decorate a bay window. There are many options you can choose, from net curtains, blinds, or even voile panels. Whichever decor you go for will dramatically change the look and atmosphere of a room, so we’ve come up with some great ideas to help you revamp your bay window.

Combine panels with curtains

Use a basic transparent panel to diffuse the light in your living space. It maintains your room privacy while still being able to have some bright light entering the room. Make sure the panels are the same length as your window. Just add some long bold curtains (touching the floor) on both sides of the window rail and overlay both corners. With the panel being sheer and plain, adding a dark bold curtain will help balance each other.

Combine roller blinds with curtains

Placing a roller blind on each window enables you to control the light you want to reflect into your living space and gives you an option to completely block the light. Next, add a long curtain on both sides of the rail. To contrast the roller blind with a plain curtain, you can pick a pattern of your choice to frame everything together. Why not try our quirky scalloped roller blind at for a similar flair. 

Hang a curtain across the front of the bay

For an easy and simple method, attach a thin wire rail across the front of the window. Then use a light or linen curtain to keep your privacy without blocking out the light. It’s ideal for covering any clutter behind the bay.

Use curtains at the bottom of the window

This appearance creates an overall laid-back effect. So if you are going for that look and feel follow this steps. Hang a piece of linen or light fabric at the bottom half of the bay window. Applying the linen halfway allows light from the top window to shine through the room. This style goes with a contemporary or hippie look. 

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