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The History of Curtains

At we provide a broad range of ready made net curtains, custom made curtains, as well as voile curtains, poles, cushions and blinds. Being in the business since 1952, we have the expertise and knowledge in curtains that enable us to provide top services to our customers. From different styles, fabrics and manufacturing methods to extra features of linings and tie backs, we know everything inside out and of course on how it all started from the very beginning.


First curtain

Throughout the years, curtains have been used to define spaces and create a sense of privacy. The first ever curtains originated from animal hides. With the slow advancement of textiles system including dyeing and weaving, we were able to transform and create similar textiles that we use now back when it started. 

Ancient Egypt

The earliest textile curtains were first made in Egypt using a mix of linen and flax. Later on, they began to move onto wools, cotton and silk. Back then it was very common to use curtains for warmth and privacy

Middle Ages

With minimal documentation from this era, it is fair to believe that the tapestries and fabrics were used over doors and windows to help insulate and maintain warmth in their home

The Renaissance

In the 13th century, it was a massive issue for many to prevent draughts passing through their windows. Luckily the paned glass window was first made and discovered in Italy. By then the draughts were no more a problem and the curtains was used to cover light and for privacy.

18th century

It wasn’t until 1800-1840 that manufacturing machinery was introduced to allow textiles to be mass-produced. Fashion was evolving at the time, so there were an ever increasing number of textiles available.

20th century

By the 20th century, synthetics were introduced meaning the textile industry focused more on mass production, keeping the cost down and enabling easier maintenance. 

World War

When World War II began curtains were an essential part of any home. As the fashion changed down the centuries, so did the curtains. For instance, in the 50s florals and abstract prints were most popular. During the 70s, pastels and ethnic textiles were in style and throughout the 80s, people were digging the stripes and check look. 

As of today, curtains are now used for many reasons such as insulation, fashion, air control, privacy and light control. There are thousands of designs and styles available to match with your room. So why not see for yourself and visit The options are limitless, and the choice is yours to make. (For further enquiries, call us on 01322 529 273 or drop us a message at and we’ll get in touch.)