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Home Blog Why You Need Blackout Blinds for Your Child’s Room During Summer

Why You Need Blackout Blinds for Your Child’s Room During Summer

Any parent can understand the challenges of establishing a sleeping routine for their child, especially with the increased temperatures and light levels during the summer.

In the past, you might have tried using net curtains to keep your kid’s bedroom cool, but we also recommend using blackout blinds. stock a fantastic range of blackout roller blinds are made from durable material that is fade resistant and can be trimmed down to fit the size of your windows.

Here some of the many benefits to installing blackout blinds in your child’s bedroom for the summer months.


Do your kids ever get kept awake by noises at night? Our blackout roller blinds provide an extra layer of thick material which could significantly reduce the amount of noise in your child’s room. If you next door neighbour decides to have a BBQ or mow the lawn one summer evening, these use of our blackouts will help reduce noise levels so that your child can get a peaceful night’s sleep.


One of the biggest problems for parents during the summer months is settling their baby down to sleep. Closing blackout blinds on a hot summers day will stop the sunshine from heating up your children’s bedroom. Investing in a blackout blind can help block out the sunlight and creates a cold and sleep-friendly environment to ensure that your child will get a good nights rest.


Putting your up a blackout blind in your child’s bedroom will not only stop the sunshine from getting into the room, but they will also help prevent any neighbours or people walking by from gazing into the room. This makes our blackout blinds perfect for bedrooms where privacy is sometimes needed the most.


Our blackout blinds can help you to save money on your energy bills. In the summer our blackout blinds will contribute to keeping the heat out, and in the winter they will help to contain the heat. As a result, you will have a lower impact on the environment, and you will not be wasting money trying to either heat up or cool down your child’s bedroom.


Your child’s body and mind is still growing and developing, and with our blackout blinds, you can help your kids get the sleep that they need. Blackout blinds act as a sleeping aid for your child which can assist them to stay asleep for a longer time and prevent them from getting up during the early hours of the morning.

Call us on 01322 529 273 if you would like advice from our blind experts on how our blackout blinds can help you control the lighting in your children’s bedroom. You might also be interested in reading the blog to find out about the latest curtain trends and guides to help resolve any blind problems that you might be having in your home.